Changing Gears on the Dean River

Words and imagery provided by Field Team Member Tom Johannesen From Chrome to Silver On many fishing trips our original plans change for a multitude of reasons including weather and water conditions.I had my plans change for the better when I last fished the legendary Dean River in late August. I was there with three […]

The Pink Dancer Fly Pattern: Sweep ‘Em off their Fins

As fly fishers and tyers we spend much of our effort attempting to match the hatch. Using flies and presentation techniques intended to draw a natural feeding response from a trout. The reality is that at times trout aren’t feeding. Our natural attempts go unanswered. In these situations, use patterns and techniques to trigger a […]

West Goes East: Pacific Salmon Fishing on Lake Ontario

Our friends from Scotty Fishing Products and Gibbs-Delta Tackle joined us on a trip east to do some salmon fishing in Ontario. Let’s just say that if you haven’t considered Toronto and Lake Ontario as a world-class salmon fishing destination, that needs to change. Watch the film for proof! Many thanks go out to our […]

Make Like a Bonefish and Get Away

The Seed is Planted A few years ago I was invited to join several members of the Ospreys Fly-Fishers on a fly-fishing excursion to Mexico. I quickly turned down the offer as I knew nothing about warm water fly-fishing and didn’t have any of the appropriate gear required for a bonefish fishery. Another year had […]

Coho Tips: Put More Silver Bullets into Your Net

September is here, and this means some larger coho aka silver salmon should be showing up in the next few weeks. This is one of my favourite times of the season and for good reason. When found, coho can provide some of the most exhilarating, hard, and aggressive hits of any salmon species. Here are […]

Summer Fly Fishing Tactics for Trout on Lakes

Setting the Scene Even though we are in the mid-summer period there is still some great stillwater fly fishing to be enjoyed on the literally thousands of small productive lakes found throughout western Canada and the United States. While the majority of aquatic insect hatches have occurred the trout still have to eat and it’s […]

What is Euro-Nymphing? A Beginner’s Guide

While it’s been practiced for years across the Atlantic, European nymphing is becoming extremely popular here in North America and with good reason—it’s arguably the most effective way to target trout and other species in rivers across the continent. The Presentation Euro-nymphing is a relatively easy tactic to learn, however to become truly proficient, one […]

Interview with Survivorman, Les Stroud

In anticipation of the upcoming Father’s Day Derby at new Islander Destination, The West Coast Fishing Club, Islander’s Steve Rennalls had the chance to speak with special Guest Les Stroud aka Survivorman. They touch on a variety of subjects including growing up in Toronto, his transition to outdoor adventure, and the connection between fishing and […]

Field Team Trip: Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Golden Dorado River Cruiser

An Adventure Like No Other Experience an off-grid journey into Argentina’s wild Parana River Basin in search of the iconic golden dorado with Islander Field Team members Lael Johnson and Yos Gladstone. On their adventure aboard the Golden Dorado River Cruiser they encountered a diverse fishery that included wolf fish, vampire fish, piranha and of […]

The Great Canadian Fishing Adventure 2018 – Part 2

Northwest Territories Great Slave Lake Pike Fishing

Field Team member Jeff Fisher is a traveling guide and angler. Every year he and his girlfriend pack their bags and head out on fishing adventures most of us only can dream of. In Part 2 of this multi-blog series, Jeff shares his summer adventures from Canada’s Northwest Territories. If you missed Part 1, be […]