Fish Naked – Cut Plug Fishing With Big Coast

Remember the Cut Plug!

Want to have more fun on the water? Fish naked. That’s right! Strip away every bit of extra tackle and you’re bound to have more fun on the water. While the proliferation of downriggers has no doubt opened up a much greater variety of techniques like flasher-fly/hoochie and flasher-spoon combos, they’ve also caused us to forget some tried and true methods.

As a reminder of how much fun it is to go “au naturel” Field Team member Tim Milne of Big Coast and Travis McNeice spent some time rolling cut plug herring at Kelp Point near Prince Rupert, BC. Yes, it takes more time then tossing on a spoon and that checking gear can be a pain, but as you’ll see the extra labour pays off with some of the most exciting action you can find. Since the launch of our original Mooching Reels, one of Islander’s basic principles is offering our customers a direct connection to the fish and by cut plugging, you eliminate the flasher from the equation which means you’ll feel every little thing that fish is doing below.

As an added bonus, with some jurisdictions like California moving to circle hook regulations, going back to traditional methods like cut plug mooching facilitate better hookups than trolling flasher-fly or flasher-spoon combos.

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1 thoughts on “Fish Naked – Cut Plug Fishing With Big Coast

  1. Ross Johnson says:

    Great video on cut plug fishing. Please consider losing the canned rock music in the background. It adds nothing, and it makes it harder to listen to the guy trying to talk over the racket.

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