Keep your Islander reel in running in top shape, upgrade it, or replace a lost part with official Islander accessories.


CAD $29

Need bigger paddle handles on your Islander mooching reel? Here they are! But first... check to see which size handles…


CAD $9.45CAD $12.15

If you are changing your handles or replacing your handle bases, you may also need to change your handle bases.…


CAD $24CAD $44
Available in 7 colours

Customize your Islander with long-lasting laminate wood handles that look great and are virtually impervious to water for enduring performance.…


CAD $19

Lubricating kit for your Islander fishing reel. You can easily service your own reel with this maintenance kit. Use the…


CAD $15

Need an extra or replacement pouch for your reel? Get a genuine Islander neoprene pouch here.

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