Field Team Trip: Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Golden Dorado River Cruiser

An Adventure Like No Other

Experience an off-grid journey into Argentina’s wild Parana River Basin in search of the iconic golden dorado with Islander Field Team members Lael Johnson and Yos Gladstone. On their adventure aboard the Golden Dorado River Cruiser they encountered a diverse fishery that included wolf fish, vampire fish, piranha and of course the golden dorado. Their LX Series fly reels were tested—and prevailed—on these explosive predators and it was all caught on film by Argentinian film maker Pablo Saracco.

Experience it for Yourself

A trip aboard the Golden Dorado River Cruiser is about so much more than just fishing. It offers a totally unique fishing experience as the yacht takes you up into the wilds of the delta in search of your quarry. To learn more about the lodge—or to inquire about a trip for yourself—visit our Islander Destinations page.

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