Parana River
Santa Fe, Argentina


Golden Dorado, Wolf fish, Vampire Fish, Piranha, Pacu, Pira-Pita


Year-round with peak fishing September-May

The Lodge

As soon as you step on board the Golden Dorado River Cruiser, you realize that this experience is unlike any other golden dorado fishing opportunity on the planet. The Parana Gypsy is a 72 ft long and 26 ft wide, 2+ story, vessel that acts as the mothership, with 4 double bedrooms and 1 single bedroom with ensuite bathrooms, transporting you into remote reaches of the Parana river system—Argentina’s premier warm water river system.

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Once there, you will receive the royal treatment as you venture out on satellite boats to fill your hands with so much treasure that even Midas would be jealous.

By night, you relax on board the main cruiser while enjoying meals fit for a king, sipping Malbec and regaling one another with tales of the days catch.

As weariness from the day’s battles takes hold, the comfort of your own air-conditioned private quarters with ensuite bathroom and peaceful surroundings ensure that sleep comes easy.

All told, your stay on the GDRC will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The friendly staff, incredible fishing, and unique scenery will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

The fishing

Combine the ferocity of a northern pike with the explosiveness of a smallmouth bass then mix in the speed of barracuda and the acrobatics of a steelhead, and you’ve got the golden dorado. There’s a reason why the world is awakening to this treasure hidden found in the waters of South America.

When the surface bite is on, these aggressive feeders will attack a popper with such intensity that anglers must calm their nerves ahead of time to ensure that when the strike happens, their own surprise doesn’t pull the hook out of the fish’s mouth. On top of that, they hunt in packs so if one angler hooks into one, a follow up cast into the frenzy from a partner often results in doubleheaders.

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While Dorado are the prize, vampire and wolf fish lurk in the depths waiting to be put to the test. These toothy river monsters will take off at blistering speed once you set the hook and usually clear the water at least once on the way to the boat as if your heart wasn’t racing enough.

Other species caught include pira pitá, vampire fish, and piranha which offer a pleasant variety in between battles with the river monsters.

The experience

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser experience presents a paradox. You will be transported into the remote wilderness—far from the traditional cultural hubs—and yet the further you travel, the deeper you become immersed into Argentine culture.

Aboard the cruiser, the friendly nature and welcoming attitude of your hosts will make you feel as though you never left home even though you are miles from civilization.

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The rich, savoury taste of Argentinian BBQ—asado—offers the familiarity of an excellent steak but with new flavours and aromas that will leave you craving more. These tastes are amplified by the rich blackberry, plum and black cherry character of Argentina’s prized malbecs.

Refined yet wild. Familiar yet fresh. Your journey aboard the Golden Dorado River Cruiser doesn’t begin and end with the incredible fishing. It is a cultural voyage that offers you the fullest Argentine experience available anywhere.

The facts

Typical Itinerary

  • Day 1: fly to Buenos Aires where you will be met at the airport and driven to a marina up-river then transported via boat to the Parana Gypsy
  • Day 2-8: Fish aboard the cruiser
  • Day 8 – Return via boat and car transport to Buenos Aires
  • Day 9 – Fly home
  • Note: Opportunities for longer stays exist


  • Rod: 8-9 weight
  • Reel: Islander LX 3.8 or 4.0 sized reels with plenty of backing—high quality drags are essential
  • Line: Your primary line should be floating but having a sink tip or full sink line can be useful


  • Dress for warm but not tropical weather. Layers should range from a light jacket to flats type shirts. A sun hat and a buff are highly recommended.

Other info

•    2:1 angler to guide ratio

The Next Step

Website: www.goldendoradocruiser.com

Email: wasnedden@telus.net

Phone (Andy Snedden – trip coordinator): 1-877-303-9331

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    The Gear

    Islander Trip Coordinator Andy Snedden walks you through the equipment you’ll want to have with you on this trip of a lifetime.

    The Proof

    Family Fishing Trip
    Golden Dorado Specimen
    Hungry Golden Dorado
    Dessert on the Golden Dorado River Cruiser