A Little Static Interference, a Lot of Fish

Static Interference Fly Pattern

Good fly tyers are always on the lookout for new and unique materials to improve their success on the water. Field Team member Phil Rowley is no exception. One day while unpackaging some electronics circuitry, he noticed that the gun-metal coloured anti-static bag it came in was the perfect match to an emerging chironomid. After a little experimentation, the Static Interference chironomid fly pattern was born.

In this blog post, Phil shares both how to tie this fly and how to fish it. He even managed to put together a great video of a day on the water with his family at Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park where the fishing was exceptional.


Why This Fly Works

The anti-static bag body of the Static Interference does an excellent job suggesting the reflective, gun metal grey, colour of a chironomid pupa inflated with gas that develops beneath their skin during the emergence process. The trapped gases aid their ascent and final transformation to winged adult. There are a variety of presentation options you can use with any chironomid fly pattern such as the Static Interference. These include:

  • Floating lines coupled with indicators
  • Floating lines using long leaders and no indicators
  • Fishing vertically in deep water using fast sinking lines and short 3’-4’ leaders.

How to Fish it

In general I prefer to use indicator techniques in water less than 15’ deep or when fish refuse to take a moving fly. The floating line coupled with a long leader or naked technique is a personal favourite in water between 16’-20’. Dangling, using fast sinking Type VI or greater buoyancy compensated lines works best in water greater than 20’ deep. When dangling be sure to keep your hands on your fly rod at all times as the takes are surprisingly savage.

-Phil Rowley

For more great tips from Phil and fellow Field Team member Brian Chan be sure to download their incredible Stillwater Fly Fishing App:

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Android: https://goo.gl/fjyR6q


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