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Over the last two years, we at Islander have been shaking off the dust of complacency and embracing the drive for innovation. With new product roll outs including the all-new sealed drag trolling reel – the TR3 – and the Premier Series mooching rod you have seen a few results of this drive. Today, you see the next step of Islander’s reinvention, our new website.

This website is set to become the hub of all things Islander. In addition to standard content like products, company background and contact info, it will be a living platform for showcasing interesting content from a variety of contributors.

Our core content will come from our Field Team members who will be writing about their activities in the world of fishing. The Field Team is made up of legendary and up and coming anglers who have made – and continue to make – their mark on the fishing community. From established veterans like Phil Rowley and Brian Chan to up and comers like Brennan Lund and Tamara Spence, each will bring their unique personalities and perspectives to our new blog space.

Speaking of the blog, we will also be using it to share relevant and interesting content from other industry professionals including researchers, lodge chefs, guides and more.

Other new elements on our site will include our soon to be launched custom reel builder that allows you to mix and match several colour combinations to make your own one-of-a-kind creation. Additionally, we are launching a brand-new clothing line that doubles down on our commitment to 100% made in Canada manufacturing with all shirts being made right here at home.

Of course, the thing about innovation is that it never stops. Moving forward, we have several more projects and initiatives that we can’t wait to share with you so stay tuned… the drive continues.

Steve Rennalls

Brand Manager, Islander Reels

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6 thoughts on “The New Home for Everything Islander

  1. Ronnie Asahara says:

    Love to hear this news and favorable changes to the site. I am an avid supporter of your company and my spouse and I love fishing for salmon with our MR3’s at Rivers Inlet every summer. It’s a thrill to catch coho and Springs every time.

  2. Merv Fryer says:

    We have 3 Islander reels for trolling. Love them. I’d like to know if it’s necessary to
    rinse them with fresh water after each fishing trip.

    • islander says:

      Hi Merv,

      Definitely a good idea to rinse them with fresh water after each day on the water and to give them a bit of maintenance according to the instructions in your manual after each trip. The more they’re maintained the longer components like bearings will last.

      Thanks for your support!

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