All warranty repairs must be handled by Islander directly.

Please note we do not accept reels with line. Line must be removed before sending reels in for repair. Line that still on reels upon arriving at Islander for repair will be removed and discarded, and a line removal fee will be charged.

1) Islander Direct

Looking to ship us your reel for maintenance or repair? Our shipping address is at the bottom of this page. Please read the following shipping instructions first!

  1. Remove your line. We do not accept reels with line on them for repair. 
  2. Please let us know your items are coming by emailing us first at
  3. Package your items securely & in a separate box than the original. We can’t take responsibility for damage that occurs in shipping from you to us.
  4. If possible, please get a tracking number and include it in your email once the item is shipped.
  5. All Canadian couriers are acceptable for national shipments, as is the postal service (Canada Post, USPS etc).
  6. Please make sure your name, contact details (email & phone number) and return shipping address are clearly marked on the box or on an included note. We don’t need the full details of the work you’d like done if you’ve already emailed us about it, we will refer to any email exchange we’ve had with you and contact you if we have any questions.

Special instructions for items coming from outside Canada:

  1. Please make sure the package is clearly marked with “TEMPORARY IMPORT FOR WARRANTY/REPAIR/RETURN”, not as “merchandise” or “sale of goods”. Depending on the carrier, there may be a tick box on the shipping label, or you may have to write it somewhere in a “Reason for Import” box. If in doubt as to where to specify this, ask your shipping carrier.
  2. Do not use FedEx for international shipments. They often have difficulty recognizing temporary imports, and whether there will be import duties at the time of delivery, which slows things down by weeks.  Any outstanding dues/fees charged will be billed to the customer
  3. All shipments must be prepaid using Canada Post or US Postal Service
  4. Please ensure the commercial value is listed at zero (or $1 if your carrier will not accept a zero value). If the commercial value is listed at more than zero and Islander is billed for additional charges, which will then in turn be billed back to the customer.  
  5. Insurance is optional, but please double check with your carrier that the insured value is not interpreted as the commercial value. As a general rule we don’t recommend insuring the items for this reason, but it is your choice – once again, we cannot take responsibility for anything damaged in transit to us. Please review coverages supplied from your shipping insurance providers. If additional charges incur from the insurance, they will be billed back to the customer. 
  6. Please use  – CUSMA/USMCA (formerly NAFTA/HST) Code for shipping 9507.30.60.00 – Fly Fishing Reels

If the above directions are not followed and Islander is charged additional fees,  those fees will be charged back to the customer.

Shipping Address:

Islander Reels
ATTN: Repairs Dept.
6771 Kirkpatrick Crescent
Saanichton, BC, Canada
V8M 1Z8

The cost of parts used and a $30 handling fee will be applied to each non-warranty related reel. Return shipping is not covered under warranty.  

Islander will contact you by email for payment. Please do not send cash or cheque with your repair. Please contact us if you have any other questions!

Our current lead time is: 8-10 weeks

Repair lead times vary seasonally – make sure to plan ahead!