Lago Strobel (aka Jurassic Lake)
Patagonia, Argentina


Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout


October 15-April 30

The Lodge

Lost amid the vast, windswept Strobel-Barrancoso plateau sits the rainbow trout angler’s mecca: Lago Strobel (aka Jurassic Lake). Each year Estancia Laguna Verde provides a luxurious respite for devout anglers making the pilgrimage to the lake in search of trout fishing heaven.

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The lodge is a traditional Argentinian Estancia house, capable of housing 14 anglers per week in comfort. The large living room offers a relaxing atmosphere for sipping beer, wine or cocktails while listening to stories about the one that got away and planning the next day’s adventure.

Thankfully, pilgrimages to Jurassic Lake don’t involve fasting because the chefs at Estancia Laguna Verde offer the finest cuisine Argentina can offer. Rich meats, asados, homemade pasta and more ensure that the experience doesn’t stop at the water.

The lodge boasts a total of ten bedrooms (single/double) with ensuite bathrooms, providing single room lodging at no extra cost if desired by guests, a fly-tying room and library and a drying room to keep your gear fresh. Enjoy the freedom from cell phone service or stay connected with free satellite internet. Laundry service is also available on site.


The fishing

When most anglers talk about targeting monster rainbow trout, they picture a seven or eight-pound football in their local lake. It may take a little bit of faith to believe it, but at Lago Strobel, a fish of this size is still short of average. Anglers catch trout well into double digits on a regular basis here. It’s an experience that can only be described as Jurassic.

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The waterbody teems with insect life allowing the resident trout to reach truly gargantuan proportions. Anglers plying these waters have a realistic chance of hooking into a 20lb rainbow (or two or three) on every trip!

While the fish are there in size and numbers, the generally windy conditions necessitate that anglers come prepared to put their casting skills to the test. We also have access to over 10 kilometers of fishing on the lake’s only tributary the Barrancoso River where you’ll find beautiful pools and runs chalk full of fish.

Additionally, we fish the little known Moro Creek which connects over 12 smaller lakes and lagoons and offers anglers the chance at a double-digit rainbow on a dry fly—there is nothing more exhilarating in the fishing world than watching a 16lb trout hitting a #14 elk hair caddis.


The Experience

Holding the fish of a lifetime at Lago Strobel can feel like fly fishing heaven, but often the journey to get there can feel like one of penance.

Jurassic Lake sits quite literally on the opposite end of the earth meaning just getting there requires multiple flights and hours of driving. Once there, unpredictable weather reigns. Most times of the year you can expect anything from snow flurries and driving wind to sunshine and tee shirts.

This remoteness and weather are part of what makes ELV unique. We don’t fear these challenges, we embrace them as a part of the experience of a lifetime.

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That experience is further enhanced by the possibility of sighting some of South America’s most unique wildlife. Rheas, armadillos, eagles, condors, guanaco, and two types of fox call the area home and spotting these unique creatures is a highlight for many guests.

The Estancia itself is an oasis of calm. The food is second to none and the ambiance is first class. Exactly what one needs to recharge and brave the elements again for another shot at glory.

Estancia Laguna Verde believes that the best memories come from the right mix of the pleasure of the atmosphere, the challenge of the fishing, and the reward of the catch. Too easy and anyone can do it. Too hard and no one wants to do it. No reward and it’s not worth doing. Given the number of guests who make their pilgrimage year after year, Estancia Laguna Verde is clearly seeking—and finding—the right balance of all three.


The facts

Typical Itinerary

  • Day 1: fly to Buenos Aires, spend the night
  • Day 2: Fly to El Calafate, meet ELV host, spend the night.
  • Day 3: Drive with the host to ELV
  • Days 4-10: Fish from the lodge
  • Day 11: Drive back to El Calafate and fly to Buenos Aires, spend the night
  • Day 12: Fly home


  • Rod: 7-8 weight, 9-10 feet
  • Reel: Islander LX 3.6 or 3.8 sized reels with plenty of backing—high quality drags are essential
  • Line: floating, sink tips can be useful on occasion


  • You’ll need to dress in layers to handle everything from sub-freezing to 20+ degrees Celsius
  • High-quality jacket (Gore-tex, eVent, etc.) is strongly recommended
  • A down vest is very useful for cold or windy days

Other Details

  • 2:1 angler to guide ratio

The Next Step

Website: www.estancialagunaverde.com

Email: info@estancialagunaverde.com, wasnedden@telus.net

Phone (Andy Snedden – trip coordinator): 1-877-303-9331

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The Gear

Islander Trip Coordinator Andy Snedden walks you through the equipment you’ll want to have with you on this trip of a lifetime.

The Proof

Big Jurassic Lake Rainbow