Boost Your Amateur Fishing Photography from Average to Awesome

With the popularity of Instagram, our exposure to—and desire to create—memorable fishing photography has never been higher. At the same time, the power of most modern cell phone cameras puts to shame the image quality of most point and shoots from even five years ago. That said, there’s far more to taking a good photo […]

Field Team Trip: Estancia Laguna Verde

Huge Rainbow Trout from Jurassic Lake

The world famous Estancia Laguna Verde on Lago Strobel aka Jurassic Lake recently hosted Islander Field Team members Lael Johnson and Yos Gladstone. Here they test their tested their LX Series fly reels on the world’s greatest rainbow trout fishery. This lodge offers a world class experience in every way from the fishing, to the […]

Winter Steelhead Fishing out of a Drift Boat

Winter Steelhead Drift Boat

There are many ways to target winter steelhead here in B.C. Popular techniques include drift fishing with float rods, bottom bouncing, casting and swinging spoons, spey fishing, and—although not as popular in Canada as it is to the south of us—side drifting. In this piece, I’m going to cover the basics when fishing out of […]

The Great Canadian Fishing Adventure 2018 – Part 1

Swinging a fly on the St Marys River

Field Team member Jeff Fisher is a traveling guide and angler. Every year he and his girlfriend pack their bags and head out on fishing adventures most of us only can dream of. With the fall of winter, Jeff has had some time to recount his journey from the past summer’s fly fishing road trip […]

A Little Static Interference, a Lot of Fish

Static Interference Fly Pattern

Good fly tyers are always on the lookout for new and unique materials to improve their success on the water. Field Team member Phil Rowley is no exception. One day while unpackaging some electronics circuitry, he noticed that the gun-metal coloured anti-static bag it came in was the perfect match to an emerging chironomid. After […]

In Our Backyard; Exploring the Trophy Stillwater Lakes Near Kamloops

This incredible short from our friends at Fishing BC features Islander Field Team members Brian Chan and Brennan Lund, along with Jordan Olrich of Interior Fly Fishing Company. Together, they capture some of the best still water fly fishing footage ever seen while landing some MONSTER trout on their LX and IR Series fly reels.  […]

Elevate Your Cooking with Executive Chef Rob Ratcliffe from The West Coast Fishing Club

salmon risotto recipe

For many of our followers—especially those chasing salmon on the saltchuck—the fishing experience doesn’t stop on the water. Enjoying fresh caught wild salmon is an integral part of your fishing world. We often talk about upping our on-water game, but we thought maybe it was time to up our game in the kitchen too. With […]